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We love LEGO, but its partnership with Shell is not awesome. Help us tell LEGO to end its relationship with Shell by using this handy dandy Protest-O-Matic!

Just type in your own message — or click the “Spin the Wheel” button to get a random message automatically — and we’ll use the best messages in one of our worldwide protests this summer.

Save the Arctic from Oil Drilling NOW

Shell wants to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic, and if we let them, it will magnify the effects of global climate change and put the delicate Arctic ecosystem at risk of a catastrophic oil spill.

The company is moving forward with its Arctic drilling plans because its well-funded PR machine has used companies like LEGO to clean up its image. LEGO’s Arctic Play Sets celebrate a pristine and vital region, and children love it, but by teaming up with Shell, LEGO is celebrating the very company leading the charge to destroy the Arctic.

When people think of Shell, they should think “Arctic Disaster” not “Arctic Fun.” Right now Shell is using

LEGO to put a happy face on its environmental destruction, so we need to make sure they realize it’s not going to work.

We want LEGO to end its relationship with Shell in order to Save the Arctic and our future. Join us by making your very own protest sign and share it with your friends!

Tell LEGO to block Shell! Sign the petition here.